My name is Tobias Wolter and I am glad that you have found the way to my portfolio. I was born in 1990 as Tobias Müller in Schongau, Upper Bavaria. A few days after I saw the light of day, I moved to Halblech in the southern Ostallgäu, where I spent the first 10 years of my life. After two stops in Roßhaupten and in the romantic soul of Bavaria – Füssen – I moved in 2017 to the small hamlet of Holz near Eisenberg-Zell – I have remained true to the southern Ostallgäu.

My autodidactic disposition became apparent at an early age, and so I did not take the regulated path of a classical education, but went the way of self-employment already at the age of 18. After that I worked very successfully as a freelance system administrator for more than 10 years. Today, after two management positions, courage and willpower have brought me to an absolute dream position as a permanently employed system administrator at a large automotive supplier.

Profession equals passion and passion equals profession. So I am almost constantly busy with personal development in the IT field, even away from my employer. A small balance to this I find in photography. I dedicate this portfolio mainly to this additional passion.

Be told to you again: nice that you are here! Have fun browsing.