Durnbach War Cemetery

The Durnbach War Cemetery and Cremation Memorial is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission war gravesite near Gmund am Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany.

In the military cemetery 2960 soldiers of the Commonwealth found their final resting place.

A plaque in the entrance gate of the military cemetery reads:

“Buried in this war gravesite are 2,960 fallen soldiers of World War II, mostly Air Force personnel. Broken down by nationality, there are 2,020 British, 484 Canadians, 281 Australians, 70 New Zealanders, 30 South Africans, 41 Indians, 3 East Africans, 1 French, 1 Norwegian, 20 Poles, 1 Russian, 4 Americans, and 4 of unknown nationality.

In addition, there are memorials to 5 British and 1 South African military personnel who were buried elsewhere but whose graves have been lost, and a memorial to 23 Indian soldiers whose bodies were cremated.”


I caught the perfect moment for a picture today when our German Shepherd Keanu was looking out for some birds today.

Good Morning Winter

I do not like winter. But the view of the forest covered with fresh snow enchanted even me.

Ghost train

The sun only barely penetrates the dense blanket of fog on this cold Sunday. There is a mystical silence in the forest near Günzach. Only a few drops of water – falling from high up in the trees onto the wet earth – can be heard. Like a dragon with glowing eyes, the 633 series announces itself on the horizon and makes its way, rushing southward.

And as fast it was over with the silence, so fast I stand lonely again in the quiet forest.
Me and my camera.

Hi guys!

I just found this friendly friend in Hackesche Höfe (Berlin). He looks happy!


During our wedding vacation on the North German coast near Sylt, I noticed a local train with a class 245 on the way to the Hindenburgdamm – which connects the mainland with the island of Sylt. A perfect motif. Until today one of my favorite pictures.