Durnbach War Cemetery

The Durnbach War Cemetery and Cremation Memorial is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission war gravesite near Gmund am Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria, Germany.

In the military cemetery 2960 soldiers of the Commonwealth found their final resting place.

A plaque in the entrance gate of the military cemetery reads:

“Buried in this war gravesite are 2,960 fallen soldiers of World War II, mostly Air Force personnel. Broken down by nationality, there are 2,020 British, 484 Canadians, 281 Australians, 70 New Zealanders, 30 South Africans, 41 Indians, 3 East Africans, 1 French, 1 Norwegian, 20 Poles, 1 Russian, 4 Americans, and 4 of unknown nationality.

In addition, there are memorials to 5 British and 1 South African military personnel who were buried elsewhere but whose graves have been lost, and a memorial to 23 Indian soldiers whose bodies were cremated.”